Our Team

Enroute's History

Enroute Systems Corporation is a privately owned supply chain management and software-as-a-service-solution provider that helps retailers and e-tailers gain control, reduce shipping spend and improve efficiency. Enroute has been helping companies with high shipping volumes to reduce transportation costs and streamline their logistics process since 2008. Our team consists of highly experienced software developers, logistics professionals and former retailers, all working to deliver innovative solutions that are as easy to use as they are to deploy.

Enroute's Executive Team

Keith McCall , Chief Executive Officer | Founder Keith has led the development and delivery of enterprise software and software-as-a-service products for over 20 years. Prior to founding Enroute Systems Corporation, Keith founded and built Azaleos Corporation, a managed service provider for on-premise, remotely managed Microsoft Exchange e-mail. Before Azaleos, Keith spent 6 years at Microsoft, 2 years at Lotus, and 8 years at IBM in a variety of software development and executive management roles. At IBM, Keith was the key architect for Net.Commerce, and built the team that delivered IBM's flagship Internet Commerce product. He was also the architect and developer of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games ticket server, one of the very first systems to sell tickets online, and was instrumental in designing and developing L.L. Bean's first e-commerce site. Keith also invented IBM's Net.Data product, which was the first product to join IBM's DB2 relational database to Web servers. Keith earned a bachelor's degree in science from the University of British Columbia in Canada, and was recognized by eWeek Magazine in 2008 as one of the Software Industry's Top 10 "Techies in the Shadows".
John Zeman , Chief Operating Officer | Founder Investor John is a seasons business executive with 25 years of diverse experience, including strategic leadership, sales growth, and customer success. His background blends leadership, vision, personal drive, dynamic problem solving, and a proven track record for delivering superior results. He has assisted companies in developing and implementing business solutions that drive customer engagement, increase bottom-line revenue, and scale operations. John's portfolio of skills include developing and executing initiatives and strategies, establishing systems and performance metrics, sales leadership, business development and marketing, structuring and negotating complex client agreements, organizational structure and behavior, financial analysis, and management of large, complex, multi-million dollar public and private sector projects. His corporate backgrounds spans multiple industries, including technology, engineering, construction, and financial services. Contact John at john.zeman@enroutecorp.com

What our customers say

"Enroute gave us a powerful way of viewing shipping data that has completely changed the game. We have cut our shipping costs by nearly 30% by turning that data into smart execution at every shipping station and in every store, that all now powered by Enroute cloud based systems."

- Will Eaton, Director of Distribution & Supply Chain | Zumiez, Inc.

Enroute Portal

Enroute Portal is a multi-carrier, SaaS-based TMS solution that supports optimized shipment execution for small to high volume shippers (hundreds of thousands of shipments per day), with easy-to-use, business rules and scalable rate shopping.Learn more

Enroute Platform

Enroute Platform is an XML-based web services platform that gives applications access to the rich functionality of all Enroute solutions. Learn more

Enroute InStore

Enroute InStore enables your retail store staff to fulfill web orders, transfer product between store locations, warehouses and to consumers through an easy-to-use interface that includes real-time shipment visibility for early, on-time or late shipments.Learn more

Enroute InBound

Enroute Inbound enables vendors, distributors or manufacturers to ship products to retail stores and warehouses. Through an automated routing guide, companies can define how vendors should ship merchandise with the use of customizable business.Learn more

Enroute Analytics

Enroute Analytics provides historic and real-time visibility into your supply chain by converting and parsing shipping data into actionable information to enhance business intelligence, optimize shipping, or create smarter business rules.Learn More