Enroute Portal: Shipment Execution

Enroute Portal: Shipment Execution

Enroute Portal is a comprehensive Transportation Management System (TMS) solution that supports optimized shipment execution using one or more carriers. Deployed rapidly as a SaaS solution, Enroute Portal combines the power of applying sophisticated, but easy-to-use, business rules to determine carrier and service selection with scalable rate/date shopping, label printing, and manifesting to support even the largest, highest volume shippers (hundreds of thousands of shipments per day).

Enroute Portal interfaces directly with your WMS, OMS, and/or ERP. Integration and implementation is seamless and deployment is very fast because the Enroute Portal components are installed directly on your existing warehouse or distribution center workstations in the form of a toolbar, much like that of a Google toolbar. This toolbar adds the capability to read weight from scales, scan barcodes, print to thermal label printers, and read and write data from your WMS and OMS. A simplified, optimized user interface creates the necessary automation for processing hundreds of thousands of shipments per day.

Enroute supports worldwide shipping with global and regional carriers and has available advanced services for:

Last mile postal service delivery:
DHL GlobalMail, OnTrac DirectPost, UPS Mail Innovations, UPS Sure Post, FedEx SmartPost, DHL GlobalMail

International Crossborder Clearing and Delivery
DHL GlobalMail, UPS WorldEase, Puropost

International Air (includes Commercial Invoices):
DHL Express, UPS, FedEx, BorderLinx

Hazardous Materials

Features and Functionality:

  • Use of multiple carriers, which allows for greater efficiency, time-in-transit optimization, and cost reduction
    • Execution enables:
    • Multi-carrier; zone skipping; global reach outbound
    • Shipment execution time is very fast (less than 1,000ms)
    • Domestic and international outbound and inbound
    • Enterprise-grade scalability
    • Rate/date shopping
    • Automated US and Canada address verification and standardization
    • Label, bill of lading, and manifest generation
    • Carrier pickup notification
    • Shipment visibility; real-time tracking
    • Drop shipping
    • Return label generation
  • Optimal service selection through sophisticated business rules engine supporting a myriad of shipping conditions, including:
    • Dimensional (e.g., weight, dimensions, volume, etc.)
    • Geographical (e.g., zip code, state, etc.)
    • Shipment contents
    • Routing instructions for your vendors, or Stop Ship/Information messages
  • Seamless integration and nearly immediate implementation
    • OMS, WMS, ERP
    • eCommerce
    • Supports all standard scales, thermal and laser printers, and scanners
    • Historic and real-time shipment visibility
    • Shipment contents
    • Employee resource allocation (inbound shipments to stores)
    • Improved Efficiency
    • Time-in-transit optimization
    • Consolidation / deconsolidation; Line haul; Mode Shifting (i.e. parcel → freight)
    • Multiple warehouse/distribution center support
    • Cost Reduction
    • Shifting premium shipments to Ground and/or last mile postal service delivery
    • Rate/time shopping across multiple carriers
    • Error Reduction
    • Human input error
    • Decrease in surcharges (e.g., address correction, residential, etc.
  • Software can be used at an unlimited number of warehouses, distribution centers and workstations. Includes one server instance

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